Our brokers know how to value your credit file

Credit brokerage is a regulated and controlled profession. At Good Finance, the strength of our network is to bring together more than 53 free brokers, who regularly pool their skills, to better serve the individual interests of borrowers. Know-How that goes through the delivery of a “well presented” file to banking establishments.

We take care of the credit file

We take care of the credit file

Following the first meeting and the signing of the fundraising mandate, Good Finance brokers draw up, with their client, the list of supporting documents required to submit a complete file.

Within our network, we have the particularity of requesting only copies that we digitize, in order to have, at all times, all the elements, while avoiding any risk of loss of the originals.

Once all of this precious information has been collected, we have everything we need to tackle your credit file …

We catch the eye of the banks on your assets


Upon careful reading of these documents, we direct our research towards three or four partner establishments, the most likely to formulate an attractive loan offer.

To convince them to collaborate, Good Finance brokers draw up different summaries to highlight all the advantages of the file:

  • The profile of the borrower. In their commercial line, set annually, some banks favor categories of individuals. For example, they may decide to target first-time buyers, dynamic executives, young entrepreneurs, etc. Knowing perfectly the inclination of its various partners, our brokers choose to seek the appropriate establishments, while clearly emphasizing the “qualities” of their client.
  • The feasibility of the credit file: here again, the excellent knowledge of the functioning of its partners allows our professionals to go to the right contact while choosing to present the most significant figures for them. Some preferred, for example, to fix themselves in relation to the debt ratio, while others would rely more on the rest to live…
  • The real estate project: In this summary, our brokers seek to secure their partners on the intrinsic quality of the purchase made. For example, by offering a mortgage guarantee for an easily valued property, the risks involved appear lower.

So many levers – easily identifiable by our professionals – which can lead to the acceptance of credit.

Good Finance brokers, definitely on your side!

Good Finance brokers, definitely on your side!

If the banks and Good Finance brokers work together, our mortgage experts are definitely at the service of the credit candidate.

Our role as intermediaries allows us, on the one hand, to weave partnerships with lending institutions to better negotiate the rates and the different terms of our customers. For their part, they appreciate our qualities as qualified business providers, saving them precious time.

But the key to the Good Finance broker/borrower relationship lies in the first meeting: non-engaging, it is essential to build collaboration on the foundation of trust. Before even studying your credit file, our professionals take the time to get to know you: let’s not forget that buying real estate is not trivial, even less when it comes to the acquisition of your principal residence.

It is only at the end of this first interview, with a crested head, that our experts will ask you to sign a search mandate, a mandatory document to request the partner banks of our network.

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